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Children indoor trampoline park for sale


Children trampoline park is very attractive, according to relevant statistics, at present, China's main consumer, accounting for 70 47% 80 36%, totaling 83% of the population in this age group with strong spending power, Most of them have already undergone a full-scale transition from a family of two to a family of three. The family center has gradually begun to transform into children. The individual consumption opportunities have declined and children have become an important factor in family travel. Therefore, the children's indoor theme park will be the future. The rapid development of the geometric base will become a winning weapon for investors to make money.

The earliest children trampoline park are mainly composed of naughty fortifications. The equipment is relatively simple and covers an area of 200-1,000 square meters. It attracts mostly young children. With the ever-increasing demand for higher The naughty castle-style children's playground has not been able to meet the needs of family-experienced consumption.children trampoline park gradually replaced naughty castles. With its rich content, cchildren trampoline park not only include naughty castles, but also add children's game consoles to diversify the choices of tourists. so that children can learn to enjoy happiness and meet the needs of business.

Social development is very rapid. At present, online shopping has been completely accepted by people, especially young people, and has already developed consumption habits. The original traditional children trampoline park cannot meet people’s higher requirements for experiential consumption, and people need more. From the spiritual level to higher satisfaction, through a full range of services to bring greater happiness, so the future of children trampoline park must be entertainment, performance, education, catering, sales, service in one, to create a full three-dimensional The entertainment space can meet people's requirements for experiencing consumption.

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